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Penguin Ice was born of a dream - a dream to create something beautiful. Cofounders and longtime friends, Mikel M. Draghici and John R. Ingrassia, had an idea that water should not only taste refreshing, but look extraordinary on the dining table. Draghici, a computer security executive and Ingrassia, a Washington, DC corporate attorney, were inspired to create Penguin Ice, an upscale sparkling and natural spring beverage choice that they would be proud to see on the table.

Penguin Ice originates at a spring in French Quebec that generates remarkably great tasting water. Penguin Ice Sparkling receives just the right amount of effervescence to give it the signature Penguin Ice fizz, while Penguin Ice Clear, is bottled and whisked away to a well dressed table near you.

We thank you for your interest in the Penguin Ice beverage line. Please stay tuned for more refreshing upscale beverage options from Penguin Bottling Company.

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